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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

Module Registration Letter

As of the 2023/24 academic year Queen Mary University are pleased to offer Undergraduate & Postgraduate students access to a Module registration letter via their Gradintelligence account.

What is the Module registration letter?

The module registration letter is an electronic letter which will detail and show the modules students are studying in the current active academic year. It can be shared with 3rd party members who accept verified digital documentation, to provide evidence and details of modules you are registered to and are studying during the academic year.

Please be aware this letter will not show provisional marks obtained in taken assessments and will not show modules registered in a previous academic year.

What should I do if the modules listed are incorrect?

The modules listed on your Module Registration Letter are linked to those you are formally registered and recorded to in MySIS. Therefore, should the modules listed on the letter be incorrect or modules appear missing, please check your official module registration by logging into your MySIS account and clicking the 'Module Registration' tab.

  • If the modules listed in MySIS are correct: Your Module Registration letter may have been published before changes were made to your module registration. Please contact the Student Enquiry Centre to request your Module Registration letter is re-published which should pick up any changes that have been made.
  • If the modules listed on MySIS are incorrect: If your MySIS module registration is not what you were expecting and you believe that you are registered for the wrong module(s) or something is missing, please contact your School/Institute to request that changes are made to your registration. Only after your formal module registration in MySIS has been updated can your letter be re-published via the Student Enquiry Centre

Who is eligible for a Module Registration Letter

All students registered for taught modules in an active academic year will be eligible to receive a Module registration letter.

Please use the links below to find information on how to access your Gradintelligence account:

Accessing Gradintelligence

If you have not found the answer to your question using the links above, please contact the Student Enquiry Centre who will be able to help you. Visit us on the Mile End Campus, open an enquiry on SEC Online, email or call +44 207 882 5005.

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