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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

Provisional results

If your department has released your provisional results, you will have been sent an email and you will be able to view them in your MySIS record by clicking on the link in your in tray or by viewing them on your 'My Details' page. 

Official results

You will be able to view your results through MySIS in your 'My Details' section by clicking on the link under 'Assessment Results'. If you want a printed transcript, just visit our official documents and letters page to find out how you can request one. Please note we cannot produce transcripts during certain periods due to provisional marks appearing on them at this time of year. The relevant dates for these periods on the Interim Transcript for Current Students webpage.

Official publication dates for results can be found on the HEAR digital transcript publication webpage.


Your graduate transcript will be available through Gradintelligence electronically. Your Gradintelligence user account must be activated by you to enable access to your official university HEAR (your new digital transcript) and related employability services.



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