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Your Exams

Please read the information on this page carefully as it contains a lot of important information to support you with your examinations.

  • Please check the dates, times and locations of your exams in your individual exam timetable in MySIS with care. It is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of the dates, times and venues for all invigilated and online examinations. For face to face exams, please be aware that not all students sitting an exam for the same module will be seated at the same venue. Therefore, please make sure you check your own timetable in MySIS for the venue and seat number and do not make assumptions on the venue based on where your peers will be sitting the exam.
  • Please remember that if you are sitting an in-person examination you will require your student ID card and should purchase a replacement card if you have lost yours.
  • If you are sitting an online exam, please ensure well ahead of time that you can login to the system e.g. QMplus. Please don't leave this until your exam starts as you may lose valuable exam time if you need to reset your password.
  • If you have any questions about the content of individual examinations or regarding online examinations, please contact the School/Institute responsible for setting the exam.  
  • Students should also familiarise themselves with the Academic Regulations including the Academic Misconduct Policy.
  • If you usually have Exam Access Arrangements, please note that your exams run at the same time as the main timetable, but may be in a different location. Contact the Exams Team via with any questions.

Please note that the information on these pages does not relate to Undergraduate Medicine and Dentistry students. These students should contact the student office at Whitechapel.

If you have questions about any of this information or you believe your timetable to be incorrect, please contact the Exams Team at

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