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Instructions for submitting a CAS request for continuing students

This page explains how to request a CAS if you need more time in the UK to complete your current course at QMUL. For example, if you are resuming your studies after a period of interruption.

If you need a CAS to for a new course (one that you have just started or will be starting soon), please refer to the instructions sent to you by the QMUL Admissions Office. For general queries about applying for a CAS for a new course at QMUL, please email


Before you can request a CAS as a continuing student, you will need the following:

  • Your current passport
  • Evidence of your current UK immigration permission
  • Evidence of your finances
  • Evidence of your our English language ability

Please see the section "More on evidence" (below) for details of what we will be considering when we assess your evidence.


If this is not the first CAS we have issued for your course, you will be required to pay an administrative charge of £25 for this service.

You must pay for this service before your CAS request by using the QMUL e-shop.


We will only authorise a refund if we did not issue you with a CAS.

How to request a CAS

  1. If this is not your first CAS, pay the fee by using the QMUL e-shop.
  2. Log into your MySIS account, go to My details, then proceed to Request a new CAS
  3. Complete all the fields correctly as incorrect information may delay your CAS Request to the Home Office
  4. Make sure that you upload all of the required evidence

Please double check all information. Outstanding tuition fees or accommodation payments may also delay your CAS Request Missing documentation or information will also delay your CAS Request.

You must not start this process until you have all the relevant documentation/information. If you do not have all the required documents, your request will be submitted incomplete. You will have to wait for us to cancel your request so that you can start again.

More on evidence

The following explains what we will be considering when we assess your evidence in your application.

Your passport

When you request your CAS, you must upload a photo or scan of the details page from your passport. Please make sure that this is from the passport you plan to use when you submit your immigration application. Make sure your passport will be valid when you submit your immigration application. If you are applying outside of the UK, make sure that your passport will be valid when you travel to the UK.

Your current UK immigration permission

If you are applying from inside the UK, you must upload photos or scans of the sticker, stamp or card (both sides), which show your current UK immigration permission. If you were previously in the UK, but have left, please provide evidence (e.g., you travel ticket for your flight departing the UK). If you have never been in the UK, you do not need to provide any evidence.

Your finances

You will need to upload evidence (e.g., a bank statement) to show that you have the necessary financial resources to support yourself.

The only exception to this is if you have had a UK visa for 12 months or more and you will be applying in the UK.

We will generally ask to see that you have:

  • The money to pay your tuition fees for the academic year.
  • The money you will need for your living expenses for the next nine months or to the expected end of your studies (whichever is sooner).

The UK Government currently expects students to need £1,334 per month for living expenses. A student who has nine or more months of their course remaining will need to show us that they have £12,006 plus money to pay any outstanding tuition fees for the academic year.

If you are using a bank statement, this should be in your name or the name(s) of your parent(s) and should show that you have held the funds for at least 28 days. The documents showing your funds should not be more than one month old.

Your English language ability

If you have completed a year of studies, we will confirm that you meet the English language requirements based on our assessment of your progress to date. You do not need to upload any evidence of this.

If you have not completed a year of your course (e.g., if you interrupted before the end of the first academic year of your course), you will need to upload evidence of your English language ability. If you used a language test such as an IELTS, check that it has not expired.


The consideration of your request is subject to the following conditions.

You are responsible for the success of your application

This page lists our requirements for issuing you with a CAS. However, by issuing you with a CAS, we make no guarantee that any application you make will be successful. You must follow the guidance provided by the QMUL Advice and Counselling Service to ensure that your application meets the requirements and is likely to succeed.

We reserve the right not to issue you with a CAS

The following is a non-exhaustive list of circumstances where we may decide not to issue you with a CAS:

  • If you are not required to be in the UK (e.g., if you are re-sitting out of attendance).
  • If we have previously issued you with a CAS and you have had an avoidable refusal (e.g., if you did not follow the guidance provided by the QMUL Advice and Counselling Service).
  • If you made false statements or used forged documents as part of your application to QMUL or in a previous immigration application.
  • If we do not believe that you will be able to complete your course successfully (e.g., if you have not satisfied a requirement under the fitness to study policy).
  • If you do not genuinely have the funds needed to support yourself in the UK. This condition applies irrespective of whether you would meet the requirements of the Immigration Rules for the UK Government to grant you a visa.

Processing times

We aim to process your CAS request within ten working days, however during peak periods such as enrolment, process times may increase. After we have processed your CAS request, we will send a CAS statement to your QMUL email account.

Christmas closure 2020

The university will be closed from 18 December 2020 to 04 January 2020. If we receive your CAS request on or after 16 December 2020, we may not be able to start processing it until after the university re-opens on 4 January 2021.

Where to get more information

If you have further questions about requesting a CAS, please contact us at

If you have questions about how to submit an immigration application and the requirements, please read the guidance provided by the QMUL Advice and Counselling Service. If you have a question, which is not answered in QMUL Advice and Counselling Service guidance, you can contact them for advice.

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