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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

Academic Prizes

There are two types of academic prizes – College Prizes come from central funds and School Prizes are funded by individual schools and institutionsIf you have been awarded a School Prize, you may find more information about it on your School webpages. 

Most College Prizes are funded from historic endowments to Queen Mary University of London - funds that have been donated for the specific purpose of awarding merit-based prizes to students in accordance with the donor's wishes. We have more information from the Queen Mary archives about these prizes and donors and you can read about it below.

How are prizes awarded? 

Prizes are awarded for outstanding academic achievement. Schools nominate students to receive Prizes and the Head of School approves them at annual Examination Boards.  

Your prize will be recorded on your HEAR digital transcript and you receive a certificateIf you are in your final year of study, your prize is read out at your Graduation ceremony

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