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Accessing your Gradintelligence account

This page can support you with activating your Gradintelligence account and provides guidance on what to do if you are having trouble logging in

QMUL registers all eligible students for an account with Gradintelligence, the service provider of the QMUL Student Status Letter and HEAR transcript, upon full enrolment*. You will need to activate your account before you can access your Letter (which is available in your account upon account activation) and your HEAR (available in your account after your first year). You will find the documents available to you displayed on the homepage of your Gradintelligence portal.

Please note that if you have previously enrolled on a programme with us and already have a QMUL Gradintelligence account, your Status Letter for your new programme will be uploaded into your original account upon your full enrolment and you will not receive a new account activation request. See our guidance below if you are having trouble logging in to your account or didn't activate your original account.

*A NOTE ABOUT FULL ENROLMENT: New students eligible for a Student Status Letter will receive the Gradintelligence account activation email within 24 hours of becoming fully enrolled. Please note that completion of the MySIS Pre-Enrolment task does not mean you are fully enrolled. QMUL are required to check the details and documents you submit in MySIS before we can fully enrol you. Once your enrolment is finalised you will receive an email with the subject line 'Your Enrolment at QMUL' and the first line of the email is 'Congratulations on completing the enrolment process. You are now fully enrolled'. Temporarily enrolled students are not eligible for a Gradintelligence account.

How to activate your Gradintelligence account

  1. Become a fully enrolled student. You will firstly need to complete Pre-Enrolment in MySIS, supplying us with some information and identity documents. Your enrolment team will then check everything you have provided us with and you will receive an email to confirm when you are fully enrolled once all checks are passed. 
  2. After you have received the email from Academic Registry confirming your full enrolment, check your QM email account (not your personal email) for an account activation request from 'Gradintelligence Account Activation'. The subject line is 'Gradintelligence account activation request for <your name> at Queen Mary University of London'. Please click on the activation link (note the link will expire after 30 days). Please note it may take up to 24 hours to receive the account activation request.
  3. Confirm your details, create your username and password click 'Activate Account'. Students should not use the same login details as those used to access Queen Mary University systems.
  4. Read more information about the Student Status Letter and click 'Continue'.
  5. You are now in your Gradintelligence dashboard and can find your Student Status Letter under 'University services'.

Having problems logging in?

If you are having issues accessing your Gradintelligence account, please see the information below and follow the guidance applicable to your circumstances.

  • Alumni students: Those awarded in July 2017 or later should have a Gradintelligence account and should follow the guidance in step 5. Those awarded before July 2017 are not eligible for a Gradintelligence account and should visit our Graduate Documents page instead.

1. If you cannot access your QMUL email account:

You require access to your QM email account as this is where we send your Gradintelligence account activation link. You should have received your QMUL email account details from IT Services within 72 hours of being invited to start Pre-Enrolment. If you have not received this information or need help logging in to your email account, please speak to a member of IT services via the 'IT Live Chat' facility.

Please do not contact IT Services if you cannot access your Gradintelligence account - only contact them if you cannot access your email account. If you cannot access Gradintelligence, please check if one of the issues below are applicable to you or contact us to speak to a member of staff.

2. If your date of birth is not being accepted:

We create your Gradintelligence account using the date of birth (DOB) you have provided to us during the admissions process. This is in the format DD/MM/YYYY. You can check the DOB we have for you on MySIS under 'My Details'. If your DOB on your student record is incorrect you will have trouble activating your Gradintelligence account.

For new students, we will endeavour to update your DOB during Queen Mary Enrolment but please do tell us of any errors when collecting your ID card.

Current students should contact us to request a correction to your student record. You will need to provide us with a copy of your ID (e.g. passport), if you have not previously done so.

3. If you cannot find your email from Gradintelligence in your QMUL inbox:

Your activation email will be sent to your QMUL email account (not your personal email) within 24 hours of your full enrolment (note you will not receive this email if you are temporarily enrolled). The email sender is 'Gradintelligence Account Activation' and the email address is If you cannot find the email in your inbox (or in junk) then please follow the instructions in step 5 below if you received confirmation of your full enrolment more than 24 hours ago or contact us and we will resend the activation request to you.

If you already have a QMUL Gradintelligence account (i.e. if you have previously enrolled on a programme with us and we created an account for you), please be advised that you will not receive another account activation email and you should continue to use your original account. 

4. If you have activated your account but have forgotten your username or password:

If you have forgotten your login details, you can receive a reminder of your username and reset your password by visiting, clicking 'Login' then 'Lost Account Details' and then following the steps. Please note that as part of the activation process, you would have created your own username and password.

If you are finding it difficult to reset your details, please contact Gradintelligence customer services who will be able to help you: Please remember to include your full name, student ID number and inform them that you are a student at QMUL.

5. If you did not activate your Gradintelligence account / your activation link has expired / you need to recover your account:

The activation links to Gradintelligence expire after 30 days. Any student, past or present, can use this process to access your account e.g. if your link has expired, you cannot find the email with your activation link or you are an withdrawn or alumni student who needs help accessing your account, you should follow the account recovery process to gain access to your Gradintelligence documents:

  1. Go to
  2. Select your 'Queen Mary University of London' from the dropdown, enter your Student ID number and Date of Birth, use Captcha to authenticate and click 'SUBMIT'
  3. Choose a verification method; either the account-linked e-mail address or mobile number verification (note we use your QM email address when registering you)
  4. Once verified, you will be prompted to activate using your account activation page
  5. There, you will be asked to reconfirm your Date of Birth, define your new account username and password and specify your security question and security answer so that you can then use these to reset your password, should you ever forget it.

Once you have activated your Gradintelligence account you can change the email associated with the account from your QMUL email address to your personal address.

Note: If you no longer have access to the account-linked email address or mobile number indicated by the hint, please contact us requesting an update to your email address for a new activation link to be provided. Alumni students, please be sure to include your student number in any correspondence with us. To speed up the process, please contact us from the personal email address that you gave us whilst you were studying so that we can verify your identity.


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Please note that this webpage is only applicable to current and previous students who are eligible for the Student Status Letter and/or HEAR (check your eligibility by clicking on the relevant link). Alumni students who are ineligible, please see our webpage for graduate documentation instead. New students who have not yet fully enrolled are not eligible.


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