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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

My Details

This part of your MySIS student record contains all of your personal details, your enrolment information, your programme details and, if applicable,  your Passport and Visa information, and more.  


Information displayed in 'My Details' section

What should I do if it needs updating?

Your name

Please see Queen Mary's Guidance on student names to find out how you can request a change to your name and which original documentation you need to provide.

You must ensure that any changes are requested before the official publication date of your final results (exception for transgender students).

Academic Advisor details You would need to get in contact with your department to have the details updated
Fee status Your fee status was assessed when you applied to Queen Mary. If you have any questions about it, you can find out more on the Advice and Counselling web page
Date of birth Contact the Student Enquiry Centre and provide a copy of your passport and we will update your record for you. If you do not have a passport you will need to provide two of the following, EU identity card, Birth certificate, Full UK driving licence (issued after 1 May 1999)
Enrolment information If you can see that there is a problem with your enrolment information you can either email the Student Enquiry Centre, or come and see us in person and we will look into the matter for you.
Passport and Visa information Please contact the Immigration Compliance Team and provide us with a copy of your passport and/or visa so that we can update your record for you. If you have not received your visa, please email the paperwork you have received from UKBA to See our immigration pages for more information.
Programme details If you can see that there is a problem with your programme details you can either email the Student Enquiry Centre, or come and and we will look into the matter for you.
Next of kin details You can update your next of kin information through your MySIS account, you will find this in the address section. Please email the Student Enquiry Centre if you have any queries about this.
Personal email and telephone number(s)

It is your responsibility to maintain your contact details, staff members will not update them for you. Queen Mary is not responsible for the non-receipt of correspondence arising from failure to update your contact details.

If you are unsure how to do this why not watch our video guide?

Term time, home and results addresses


The information that you provide is held on a computerised database and maintained in accordance with the Data Protection Act. We ensure that the data is held securely and not disclosed to third parties without your consent, unless we are obliged to do so by law (for example the annual student record that we submit to the Higher Education Statistics Agency).

The Privacy Notice for Students [PDF 747KB] explains how we use your personal data.

When you graduate, your details will be transferred to our Alumni Database so that we can stay in touch with you in the future. For more information please visit our governance webpage.


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