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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

Re-sitting - returning to take your exams

What resitting out of attendance means

If we decide you are ‘resitting out of attendance’, Queen Mary will report the withdrawal of sponsorship of your Student Visa to the UK Government. The report to the UK Government may result in the curtailment of your Student visa. For more information about curtailment see Immigration reporting and curtailment.

If you do not pass one or more exams in May or June and we allow you a further attempt in August, we will not withdraw sponsorship of your Student Visa unless you also do not pass that/those exams in August and we decide that you are ‘resitting out of attendance’ for the next year.

Returning to the UK to undertake an exam or other assessment

If you are required to return to undertake an exam or submit an assessment during one of the university's main assessment periods, you can apply for a CAS to return to the UK for the assessment period. For more information see Requesting a CAS.

Your school or institute will be able to advise you on the next opportunity to take your exam or submit your assessment. This may not be the next assessment period as some assessments are only available at certain times of the year.

Please be aware that if there is more than 28 days between the end of your current visa and the start of the relevant assessment period, you will not be able to stay in the UK and you will need to return home to apply for a Student Visa.

If your school or institute schedules an assessment at a different time of year (not in a main assessment period), we will not be able to issue a CAS for you to apply for immigration permission to return to or stay in the UK. In this case, you may be able to come back to the UK as a visitor or you may be able to undertake your assessments remotely.

Deadline to request a CAS before an assessment period

If you are undertaking an exam or submitting an assessment, you must submit any CAS request for an assessment period at least three working weeks before the start of that assessment period. For the main assessment period in May, we ask that you allow at least four working weeks as we expect a larger volume of students to request a CAS at that time.

Deadline to submit CAS request
Assessment Period Deadline
2 January - 19 January 2024 01 December 2023
02 May - 31 May 2024 04 April 2024
05 August - 16 August 2024 15 July 2024
06 January - 21 January 2025 02 December 2024*

*Please note that during the month of December, Queen Mary will have a closure period. Therefore, the deadline for the January assessment period may be earlier than expected to account for this. Please meet our deadlines to ensure that we have enough time to process your request.

We cannot guarantee to issue any CASs submitted later than the deadline specified above.

If you receive notice of a decision that you will be undertaking an exam or an assessment (e.g. the outcome of an academic appeal) after the deadline it will be too late to undertake that assessment in the upcoming period and we would expect your exam or assessment to be scheduled for the next period (when that assessment is available).

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