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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

Resitting Out of Attendance

If you have not passed enough modules to progress into the next academic year of your course, you will normally be required to re-sit failed modules at the next available opportunity. These take place in January (Semester A modules) or May/June (Semester B and Year Long modules). Your School/Institute will be able to advise you on the timing and nature of your reassessment.

If you are worried about how to remain engaged with your studies while you are out of attendance, check with your academic school whether you can contact your Personal Adviser, Tutor or Student Support Officer for help planning your revision and for feedback about what caused you to fail last time. You could also check whether the QMUL learning development team could help you plan your revision. Advice and Counselling have a webpage of guidance about Resitting out of attendance.

It’s also important to consider the implications on student funding, immigration status and visas, accommodation, and access to university facilities.  Advice and Counseling have a page of information on the practical implications.

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