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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

Academic Misconduct

Guidance on what Academic Misconduct is, including the Policy and penalties that could be applied can be found on the Appeals, Complaints and Conduct Office's website.


If you are alleged to have committed an examination offence then you will be referred to the Appeals, Complaints and Conduct Office (ACCO) once the examination period has ended.

The Exams Office (invigilated in-person exams) or your School/Institute (online exams) will pass the ACCO any details and evidence collected that indicate that an examination offence has taken place. 

ACCO are will review your case and will contact you. Please wait to be contacted by them and be advised that getting in touch with them before they contact you will not speed up the review of your case.

The ACCO may open an investigation. They are unlikely to begin any possible investigations until after the examination period has finished so please be patient.

If an investigation does take place, upon completion the ACCO will decide if any formal penalties should be applied and will inform you and your School/Institute.

You may find that you receive a mark of 0 for the examination(s) where an offence is suspected of being committed as your exam paper(s) will not be passed on for marking until a decision has been made regarding the outcome of the investigation.


Who to contact

Please note that if you have been advised by the ACCO that they are opening an investigation, any questions should be directed to them via

The Exams Office, Student Enquiry Centre or your School/Institute do not hold information about the status of your investigation - please contact the ACCO.


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