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Student Status Letter FAQs

What is the Student Status Letter?

Full information on the Student Status Letter can be found on our Student Status Letter information page.

How can I access the letter?

If you are eligible, QMUL will register you for an account with Gradintelligence, or Gradintel for short, upon your full enrolment. Using Gradintelligence allows us to automatically provide you with your documents in a secure way and you can self-serve and access your documents at any time, from anywhere.

You will receive an email to your QMUL email address from '' with an activation link. Please see our step-by-step guide to activating your Gradintel account for help in accessing your account and electronic documents.

NOTE: Please do not register yourself for an account using your QMUL email address as it will mean that we are blocked for creating an account for you. We cannot upload QMUL documents to an account that you have created. If you have registered for your own account using your QMUL email address, please either change the email address so it is not your QMUL email or delete the account. If you are having trouble with this, please contact

Am I eligible?

We introduced the electronic Student Status Letter in September 2018 for most of our students. Students who are not eligible for a Student Status Letter are:

  • Those that have not yet fully enrolled onto their programme
  • Those on programmes that are shorter than 12 weeks (1 semester), clinical medical electives and Summer School programmes
  • Intercollegiate students
  • Those that completed their programme before the letter was introduced in September 2018, unless you were on a joint China programme (BUPT, Nanchang or Northwestern Polytechnical), Dentistry BDS or a Postgraduate Research programme (PhD). Students on those programmes are not eligible for a letter if they completed their studies before September 2019

If you are not eligible for the Student Status Letter, please see our webpage for graduate documents for information on what is available to you. If you are unsure if you are eligible for an electronic document, feel free to contact us to check.

I completed a programme at QMUL and am about to enrol on a new one - will I be registered for a new Gradintelligence account?

If we have already registered you for a Gradintel account for a previous programme then we will not register you for a new account. Instead, upon your full enrolment to your new programme we will upload a new Student Status Letter to your original account and you can access it using your usual Gradintel login details.

If you did not activate your account originally, you should receive an email once you have fully enrolled on your new programme to inform you that you have a new letter in your account and this email should also contain a new activation link. Or, if you do not want to wait until you have enrolled on your new programme to access to Gradintel, you can also follow the 'account recovery process' to activate and gain access to your account ahead of your new programme starting. Please see our guidance on how to access your Gradintel account if you are having trouble logging in.

If you are experiencing issues accessing your account or are not sure if you already have an account, please contact us for guidance.

What format is the Student Status Letter available in?

The Student Status Letter is an electronic document that can be shared securely via Gradintelligence or downloaded as a PDF document. You can print the document if you require a hardcopy - we recommend printing in colour to achieve the best quality.

What is in my letter?

The letter displays the following information:

  • Name of Student

  • Student ID Number

  • Date of Birth

  • Intended Award

  • Programme of Study

  • Mode of Study
  • Date of Entry to Programme

  • Expected Date of Completion

  • Term-time Address

  • Home Address

Please ensure that your term-time and home addresses are correct in MySIS - we have a guide on how to update your address to help you with this.

How can I update my address on my letter?

You can update your permanent home and term-time addresses in MySIS, within the My Details tab.

We have step by step instructions on our webpage on how to update your address so that the changes appear on your Student Status Letter. Please note your letter will not update unless you complete the task in full, as directed in the instructions.

The webpage also informs you which address fields/lines will appear on your letter.

What can my Student Status Letter be used for?

The letter is a confirmation of your enrolment at QMUL and can be used for bank and council tax exemption purposes. It is an official document that has been verified by the university and is the official letter that we provide to our students.

Can I bring my letter into the Student Enquiry Centre for it to be stamped, sealed or wet signed?

No - the Student Enquiry Centre does not stamp, seal or wet sign the Student Status Letter. It is the official document that we provide to our students.

Can I get a Student Status Letter printed for me?

You are able to self-serve and print the letter yourself and therefore printing one on your behalf is not a service we are able to offer. If you do not have a printer at home, printers are available in the library.

I am a new student and have not fully enrolled - can I access the Student Status Letter?

No - the Student Status Letter is only available to students once they have completed full enrolment.

If you have been temporarily enrolled due to fees and require a letter, please contact us to inform us of your circumstances and we will do our best to help.

I have not fully enrolled - can I register myself with a Gradintelligence account?

We do not recommend that you register yourself with a Gradintelligence account as we will not be able to upload any documents to that account. Upon your full enrolment, we register you with an account (using your QM email address) that we have access to and we can upload documents to throughout your studies.

If you do want to create your own Gradintelligence account, we ask that you please do not use your QM email address to do so as this will block us from registering you and providing you access to your Student Status Letter and/or HEAR (if eligible). If you have already created your own account and used your QM email address, please either change the email address to a personal address or delete the account. You can change your email address by logging in to and going into the 'User Settings' (accessed via the cog in the top right side of your Gradintel dashboard).

If you are having trouble editing your email address or would like to delete your self-made account, please contact Gradintel Customer Services:

I already have a Gradintelligence account from another institution - can I link it to my QMUL account? *NEW*

Gradintelligence customer services will be able to link your QMUL account with another account or accounts that you have already activated from other institutions. This is not automatic and is something that you will need to request to Gradintelligence directly.

To arrange this, you should contact and ask them to merge your accounts. You will need to provide them with the following information:

  • You full name
  • The names of the institutions attended
  • Your student ID for each institution
  • Your date of birth

If your accounts are not merged then you can continue to use each of your Gradintelligence accounts using your unique login details.

How do I create/change my Gradintel username?

Upon activating your Gradintel account you will be asked to change your username. Please note that any usernames with special characters (e.g. Chinese or Turkish characters) will cause an error when uploading your status letter and HEAR (if eligible), as the UTF-8 encoding system used cannot recognise them. Therefore, we recommend that you create a username that can be typed using letters A-Z of the English alphabet and numbers 0-9.

If you do create a username that uses a special character or includes a space, we request that you contact Gradintel and ask them to change your username on your behalf as neither you nor QMUL have the ability to do this.

Gradintel customer services:

Please remember to include your full name, student ID number and inform them that you are a student at QMUL.

I cannot remember my username/password - what should I do?

If you have previously activated your Gradintel account but have forgotten your login details, you can receive a reminder of your username and reset your password by visiting, clicking 'Login' then 'Lost Account Details' and then following the steps.

If you are finding it difficult to reset your details, please contact Gradintel customer services who will be able to help you:

Please remember to include your full name, student ID number and inform them that you are a student at QMUL.

I didn't activate my Gradintel account and now my link has expired - what should I do?

The activation links to Gradintel expire after 30 days. If your link has expired, you should follow the account recovery process to gain access to your account:

  1. Go to:
  2. Select your 'Queen Mary University of London' from the dropdown, enter your Student ID number and Date of Birth, use Captcha to authenticate and click 'SUBMIT'
  3. Choose a verification method; either account-linked email address or mobile number verification*
  4. Once verified, you will be prompted to activate using your account activation page
  5. There, you will be asked to reconfirm your Date of Birth, define your new account username and password and specify your security question and security answer so that you can then use these to reset your password, should you ever forget it

*NOTE: If you no longer have access to the account-linked email address or mobile number (if provided) indicated by the hint, please contact us requesting an update to your email address for an new activation link to then be provided.

Who do I contact if the details on my letter are incorrect?

How can I share my letter with third parties?

To share a token and allow a third party to view your Student Status Letter, simply log into your account. You will see your letter in your dashboard. Select the 'share' option (to the right of the 'view' button) and follow the steps. You can choose how many times your letter can be viewed and how long your link will stay live.

You can also save your letter as a PDF document and send it as an email attachment, or print it out as many times as you like (we recommend printing in colour to achieve the best quality).

Guidance on sharing your letter is available on our 'Sharing your Student Status Letter' webpage.

How often if my letter updated?

Your letter is updated to reflect any changes to your programme, address or enrolment status, including after you re-enrol at the start of each academic year. You can change your address yourself through MySIS. If you require the date on your letter to be changed to the present date, please contact us.

What is Gradintelligence?

Gradintelligence is a service Queen Mary is using to provide students with the Student Status Letter that can be self-served, meaning you can access it from anywhere in the world at any time. More information is available from

Why is it necessary to have an account with Gradintelligence?

You need to have an account with Gradintelligence so that you have a secure way of accessing your Student Status Letter during your studies at Queen Mary.

QMUL will register an account for you with Gradintel and upload your document/s. You must then activate your account in order to access and share your letter. If you are on a programme that is eligible for the HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report, your academic transcript), we upload your HEAR to your Gradintelligence account too (after your first year).

Why is my letter not on Gradintelligence?

If you have been registered by QMUL for a Gradintelligence account but do not have a Student Status Letter under 'University Services' in your Gradintelligence dashboard then please contact us to let us know.

How can I update the types of communication I receive from Gradintelligence?

If you have activated your account, Gradintel may send you communications relating to job opportunities and marketing from selected service providers, depending on your settings.

You are free to turn these communications off or update the settings to match your preferences by logging into your Gradintel account and clicking on 'User Settings', which is accessed via the cog in the top right corner of your dashboard.

You should then click on 'Communications' to update the type (email/SMS) and/or frequency (daily/weekly) of communications that you receive. 

If you would like any further information about the communications that you might receive from Gradintel, please contact their customer services team for support:


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