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Interim Transcript for Current Students

What is an interim transcript?

An interim transcript will list all completed modules and their overall grades, this can be produced at the end of every academic year when results are confirmed.

Can I  get a transcript of my semester-based exam results?

We cannot produce interim transcripts for semester-based exam results as these results are provisional until confirmed at the exam boards. 

What document can I get before my semester-based exam results are confirmed?

If you have only completed a semester of the academic year and need a document to prove registration on your current modules you can request a module letter. A module letter lists the modules you are registered on in the current academic year and the credits they are worth, you can request this document by contacting the Student Enquiry Centre.

I have a HEAR Digital transcript, can this be updated with semester-based results?

Your HEAR and an interim transcript reflect results at the same time, your HEAR will be updated once results are confirmed at the end of the academic year, please note if you are eligible for a HEAR this can be used as an interim transcript.

More information on your HEAR can be found on the FAQ's page.

Transcript Embargo

Please note due to provisional results appearing on transcripts whilst they are processed and confirmed at the exam boards, there are periods of time when the Student Enquiry Centre cannot provide transcripts. The transcript embargo would usually finish on the date that your results have been officially released.

The following transcript embargoes will be in place during 2023/24:

Undergraduate students:

  • Results released on 11 July 2024: 25 June - 11 July 2024
  • Results released on 10 September 2024 (students with Late Summer Resits): 06 September - 10 September 2024
  • Results released on 24 September 2024 (finalists with Late Summer Resits): 06 September - 24 September 2024

Postgraduate students:

  • Results released on 27 March 2024: 06 March - 27 March 2024
  • Results released on 16 July 2024: 03 July - 16 July 2024
  • Results released on 21 October 2024 (finalists being considered for an award in Autumn 2024 and continuing students with Late Summer Resits): 6 September - 21 October 2024

Please note this list is not exhaustive as their may be additional embargo periods in effect for those students who results release does not fit in with the main QMUL results periods. 


Not all Schools and Institutes consider continuing postgraduates’ results in their summer exam boards.  If they do not, we will not be able to provide you with a transcript until the official publication date.

BUPT students will need to contact the BUPT JP Administrator staff in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science to request a transcript.

Nanchang students will need to contact the Nanchang JP Administrators to request a transcript.


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