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Student Finance

I've been approved for a loan, what do I need to do next? 

If you have successfully applied for Student Finance for QMUL, Student Finance will ask QMUL to confirm your registration before they will release your funds. QMUL will only be able to confirm your attendance to Student Finance once you are fully enrolled. We cannot confirm your attendance if you are temporarily enrolled. 

Once we have confirmed your registration it usually takes 3-5 working days for the payment to be made by Student Finance to your account, if your registration has been confirmed and you have not received your funds after 5 working days, please check your account, as detailed in the video below. 

View Student Finance England's payment video

more videos are available on their YouTube Channel 

If there has been a change to my course details how can I get this updated? 

If the change occurs before the start of the academic year you can make the change yourself, log on to your Student Finance online account and notify them directly, details of what you need to do can be found here - Student Finance Changes

If it is after the start of the academic year we need to submit a Change of Circumstances to Student Finance, we do this via their online portal and they can take up to 6 weeks to be processed during peak times, so we do urge you to submit changes yourself as early as possible. 
If you originally applied for funding for a different university or course, you are repeating a year or returned from interruption, please email stating your ID number, name, Student Support Number (eg: SFDU12345678A) and details of the change needed.  

I've applied for Undergraduate Student Finance maintenance funding but it's late!

If your Student Finance has been delayed, don't worry, there are ways that Queen Mary can help you.

We offer a Short Term Loan programme to people who are experiencing a delay with their Maintenance Loans, details of this can be found here - Short Term Loans

I have questions about how much I can receive, my eligibility or how Student Finance could affect my other funding.

The QMUL Advice & Counselling Service can support you and answer many questions you have regarding Student Finance - details of this service can be found on their website - Money Advice

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