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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

Degree verification for current and previous students

Education verifications for third parties e.g. employers, agencies and embassies (verifications for all QMUL awards except MBBS Medicine)

From Monday 19 June 2023 all education verifications, with the exception of MBBS Medicine, will be processed by HEDD.

Third party enquirers such as employers, agencies and embassies can verify attendance and awards from Queen Mary University of London through Prospects HEDD. A HEDD verification confirms the candidate’s name, qualification type, course name, year of award, classification obtained and dates of attendance.

How to Register

To make an enquiry you first need to register an account with HEDD. You can do this by visiting 
•    Select ‘Queen Mary University of London’ from the list of UK higher education institutions
•    Choose the option to 'verify a degree award'. 

How to make an enquiry with HEDD

You will need the following information from the candidate to obtain an education verification:
•    full name (name while registered on the course)
•    date of birth
•    course
•    qualification
•    year of award
•    classification
•    a signed consent form from the individual. If you require a consent form template please contact 
There is a charge for each enquiry.

Processing an enquiry

In real time, information provided in the enquiry is checked against an encrypted dataset from the university’s student records and verifies, if matched.

If the record does not match, the verification will require a manual check from the university. Please note that this could take 10 working days to process.

To increase the likelihood of an automatic verification we recommend that do one of two things:

  1. Ask to see the degree certificate, if there is one, and use the information on it for your verification enquiry.
  2. Alternatively, ask individuals to give you their data as they believe it is recorded in the QMUL student records system.

Education verification for current students

If you are looking to verify study details for a student currently enrolled at Queen Mary, we recommend you ask your candidate/applicant to supply you with a Student Status Letter. Students can access this through their Gradintelligence account, We recommend this option as this is free service for students to use. 

MBBS Medicine verifications

Enquirers looking to verify details for Medicine (MBBS) graduates, please see the following MBBS Queen Mary EShop page.
For queries regarding MBBS Medicine verifications, email 
Current Medicine (MBBS) students with queries about verifications, email with requests.

Academic References

If you/a candidate requires a personal academic reference you will need to ask your tutor or someone from your department who has worked with you academically to provide you with one. 


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