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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

Degree Certificates & Award Documentation

Please use this this webpage to find out information about:

Graduating Class of 2024

Please see the Queen Mary Graduation webpages for information on Graduation Ceremonies. Please be advised that the Student Enquiry Centre is not involved with Graduation and you will find answers to your questions on the Graduation website. 

Degree Certificates (UG and PGT)

Students awarded in March 2024

For those students awarded in March, please be advised that we will present your degree certificate to you during your April Graduation Ceremony where possible and if we are unable to do this we will post it to your home address after 3 May. 

Posting your Certificate: Update your Home Address 

All students should ensure that their home address is correct in MySIS in case we need to post your certificate to you. Please check and update your home address by midday on Friday 12 April 2024


What happens if you do not update your home address: Changes to your home address after the deadline will not be made to the postage address of your certificate as we will have printed the label.

  • If your certificate is posted to the incorrect address because you did not update MySIS, you will need to wait for it to be returned to us. We will then contact you to arrange a re-delivery.
  • If your certificate is posted to the incorrect address because you did not update MySIS and and your certificate subsequently gets lost in transit, you should purchase a replacement. 

You will be emailed once your certificate has been posted with tracking information. The email will specify the date you can contact Student Enquiry Centre if your certificate does not arrive. Please do not contact us before that.

Collecting your certificate from SEC / Nominating someone to collect your certificate on your behalf

Your certificate may be available to collect from the Student Enquiry Centre from the day after the April Graduation Ceremony until Wednesday 1 May. Please bring your ID with you if you want to collect it. If you would like to nominate someone to collect your certificate on your behalf during this time, you must email in advance and provide us with the full name of the person who will be collecting it. Upon contacting us, you will receive an automated response informing you of your enquiry reference number. You must give the person collecting your certificate this reference number and they must bring ID with them. After 1 May, we will arrange for your certificate to be posted to the home address recorded in MySIS.

Students awarded in October 2023 or earlier

For those students who received notification of their award in or prior to October 2023, your certificate was either presented to you during your Graduation Ceremony or it has been/will be posted to your home address. If you have not received your certificate then please contact or see below regarding what to do if you have not received your certificate.

Digital Degree Certificate (UG and PGT)

We have introduced a digital degree certificate for undergraduate and postgraduate taught students. This will be published to your Gradintelligence account. More information can be found on our Digital Degree Certificate webpage.

Degree Certificates (PGR)

Postgraduate Research students (i.e. PhD students) are awarded monthly. The degree certificate will be posted to the results address in MySIS within 3 months of the date you were notified of your award and will not be presented during the Graduation Ceremony.

Please contact if 3 months have passed and you have not received your certificate. Please note that you must contact us within six months to tell us if your certificate has not arrived so that we can look into the issue and provide you with a free replacement document where necessary. If you contact us after six months have passed then it is likely you will need to purchase a replacement.

What to do if you have not received your certificate

Degree certificates are legal documents and we must ensure that there is only one in existence at any given time.

Unless presented at a Graduation Ceremony, certificates are posted within three months of the date you were notified of your award to the address you specified on your student record that you wanted it to be posted to.

  • If your certificate was posted to the correct address and less than six months have passed since you were notified of your award

Please contact us to let us know that it hasn’t arrived and we will look into it for you. We can arrange for a free replacement to be sent if necessary (postage charges may be applicable).

  • If your certificate was posted to the correct address and more than six months have passed since you were notified of your award

You must let us know within six months if your certificate has not arrived. If six months or more have passed since you were notified of your award and you haven't contacted us to tell us, it is likely that you will need to purchase a replacement

  • If your certificate was posted to the wrong address

You are asked to keep your MySIS address details up to date throughout your studies. At the point you were awarded, you were reminded of the postal address that your certificate would be sent to and asked to update it. If you did not do this and subsequently have not received your certificate, you should purchase a replacement.

  • If your certificate has been returned to the Student Enquiry Centre

We will email you notify it has been returned to us and arrange a re-delivery.


For alumni who were awarded before 2014 or by the University of London, please see our University of London replacement certificates webpage instead.

Transcripts / Diploma Supplement

If eligible, your HEAR (digital transcript) will be updated shortly after your official results publication date and be available on Gradintelligence once you have activated your account, which you can view and share with other institutions and employers. This is a free service and is accessible indefinitely.

The HEAR is a Diploma Supplement and is an explanatory document attached to any higher education qualification, acting as a supplementary explanation of the qualification. The name ‘Diploma Supplement’ derives from the common European practice to refer to any qualification generally as a ‘diploma’ and therefore it is important not to confuse the Diploma Supplement with any one particular qualification. Students awarded at undergraduate and/or postgraduate levels (e.g. Bachelor's and Master's degrees) can receive a HEAR (Diploma Supplement) and the document itself describes details such as the name, level and classification of the award.

The HEAR provides a standardised description of the nature, level, content and status of the studies completed by its holder according to standards agreed by the Commission, the Council of Europe and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

If you are unable to use a HEAR and require a transcript or award letter on Queen Mary University letterhead please see our webpage on graduate documents.

Award Letter

Once you have received your official confirmed results, you can obtain a digital or physical award letter that confirms your dates of study and your award details, or a hard copy of your transcript. Please note there is a charge of £10 for each document. For more information on this, please visit our webpage on graduate documents.


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