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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

Financial Assistance Fund

The Financial Assistance Fund (FAF) is provided by the University to offer financial assistance to all current students studying at Queen Mary, ordinarily based on our London campuses, who are struggling to meet their basic living costs. If you need help with making your FAF application, or if you would like to talk to an advisor about the other sources of funding that may be available to you, you can book a one-to-one appointment. Further information about FAF, including how to apply, can be found below. 

Please be aware that FAF is a discretionary grant, offering non-repayable support to assist with general living and course-related costs. All applications will be means-tested to ascertain financial hardship. As such, some applications will be unsuccessful. As explained below, FAF uses pre-set living costs for some expenses in order to ensure parity and that funds are not misused.  FAF is unable to help with the payment of tuition fees.  

In order to apply for the fund you must demonstrate that you have made realistic provision to support yourself and any dependents throughout your course at Queen Mary. If you are eligible you must have taken out all government funding available to you. If you think you might need to apply for financial assistance we recommend that you submit an application as early as possible; you don’t need to wait until you have run out of money.

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