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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

Module Registration

Module registration is the process of selecting the elective modules you intend to study in a particular academic year.  Please note that not all programmes offer a choice of modules and therefore you might not have the opportunity to alter the modules that are allocated to you.

You will be able to modify your choice(s) during the first two weeks of each semester ONLY and It is your responsibility to ensure that your module registration is up-to-date and accurate.

Module registration should normally be balanced across the two semesters (ie. you normally register for 60 credits in each semester). 

You should consult your departmental guidelines before you complete module registration. 

If you are not registered for a module then you are not permitted to attend lectures or to take assessments for that module. If you register for a module then you are deemed to be taking it or to have taken it, even if deregistration or withdrawal follows, unless you transfer the registration to another module.

What is advanced standing?

If you have advanced standing, then only the assessment completed at Queen Mary during the current registration period will be taken into account, placing you on an equal footing with other students. Postgraduate students may be given advanced standing for up to 25% of the taught component of a masters programme. The decision to award advanced standing is made during the admissions process.

What is the difference between core and compulsory modules?

A compulsory module is a module that must be taken. A core module is a module that must be taken and passed. Both have to be taken and therefore you will not be able to opt out of these modules during module registration. These are different to elective modules which you choose to take and do not have to be passed. Your school or institute will be able to confirm which modules are core and compulsory

Can I take a module from another University of London (UoL) college?

You can take a module at another UoL college such as Kings College London, University College London, London School of Economics and the School of Oriental and African Studies.

To register for one of these modules you will need to complete the form below and get approval from your academic School or Institute, as well as approval from the other college. 

Similarly, students from other University of London Colleges can register for modules here at Queen Mary by completing this form:

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