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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

Student Enhanced Engagement and Development (SEED) Award

Recognising students for the crucial role they contribute to the co-creation & enhancement of the student learning environment. Working with educators, the enhancement of curriculum & student-educator partnerships is paramount.

Queen Mary Academy
HEAR Category:
Additional Award

Students must apply for and be awarded the SEED award, the criteria of which are:

1: The student has written a statement which explicitly reflects upon their contribution to an educational development activity and has clear recommendations.
2: The student demonstrates engagement with others and co-creation in the activity.
3: The student’s contribution is integrated into a reflective, critically considered argument, using experiences as evidence.
4: The student has evidenced a clear and verifiable impact.
5: The application supports a clear and endorsed claim as to how the student’s engagement and contribution in the activities has led to impact.

Open to:
All students across QMUL
Year of 1st HEAR Recognition:

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