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Peer Assisted Study Support (PASS) Mentor

PASS is based on the international model for peer-led learning called Supplemental Instruction. The ethos underpinning PASS is one of collaboration; where higher year students are trained to facilitate weekly 1 hour session for under 20 students. Sessions are content-based and process-oriented. Mentors are required to attend training, sessions and debrief opportunities. Develop skills including communication, time management, leadership, teamwork, group management and technical skills.

Marketing and Communications
HEAR Category:
Additional Recognised Activity

1. Undertake 10 hours of training and administration in relation to the PASS scheme;
2. Undertake a minimum of 15 hours of sessions across the year in planning or running PASS.

Open to:
All students within participating schools.
Year of 1st HEAR Recognition:
This award has was replaced in the HEAR with the 'QMUL Student Ambassador Award' for 2020/21 only.

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