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PASS Plus is awarded to Mentors & Student Organisers who commit a minimum 15 additional volunteer hours and undertake 2 CPD activities annually. These hours can be completed through a variety of activities and CPD opportunities.

Marketing and Communications
HEAR Category:
Additional Recognised Activity

1. Complete an additional 15 hours to support the PASS Scheme. These hours can be completed through a variety of activities including:

  • Run an additional weekly session throughout semester
  • Participate in Open Days, Offer holder Days, Volunteer Fairs, and Induction Events as a PASS representative.
  • Help in the set up and delivery of PASS training.
  • Set up activities to support online PASS sessions (mentimeter, PowerPoint, etc.)

2. Engage in 2 or more CPD opportunities include attending:

  • SI/PASS European Centre presentations and learning FIKAs
  • PASS session evaluations from other QMUL departments
  • Careers Masterclass Sessions
  • Relevant Linked in Learning opportunities
  • And other relevant opportunities through SA scheme.

3. This award must be in addition to either the PASS Mentor or PASS Student Organiser HEAR accreditation – cannot be awarded without one of these extracurricular activities

Open to:
PASS Mentors and Student Organisers
Year of 1st HEAR Recognition:

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