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How can I share my HEAR digital transcript?

You are able to share your HEAR in a number of ways. You can choose to securely share it via Gradintel which is recommended as it is a secure portal meaning the recipient can be certain that the data in your HEAR is accurate and has been confirmed by QMUL. You can also download it as a PDF or print it out.

Please be advised that the HEAR is a self-serve document and QMUL cannot share it with a third party on your behalf.

Before sharing your HEAR, please check which format(s) are accepted by the party you are sharing it with. For example, other universities may not accept a PDF HEAR that is sent to them via email but they may accept it if shared via Gradintelligence, as that means it has been verified by QMUL. For further information about how to share your HEAR, please see the information below.

Do you need to provide a physical copy of your HEAR?

You have the ability to print your HEAR directly from Gradintelligence by printing it as you normally would a PDF document.

However, please be advised that the data in the HEAR is verified by QMUL as being correct if it is shared electronically via the Gradintelligence platform. We understand that there may be times that you need to provide a physical copy of your HEAR and therefore if a verification of your printed HEAR's authenticity is required from a third party, please see our information page on degree verification for current and previous students.

Please note that QMUL do not print HEAR's as standard as it is a self-serve document. However, we are able to print, stamp and seal your HEAR for you for a charge. You can also order a transcript which is printed on QMUL headed paper and is stamped and sealed.

Do you need to send an electronic transcript for an application?

You can share your HEAR (or any other document type) with anyone you like. Simply log into your account on and you will be in your dashboard. If you have a HEAR, you will see it on your dashboard. Simply select the 'share' option (to the right of the 'view' button) and follow the steps. Gradintelligence is a secure portal and sharing your document(s) through this platform means that Queen Mary has verified the data as accurate.

The recipient will receive an email with the subject line 'Gradintelligence Data Access Token' sent from 'Gradintelligence Document Services <>'.

You choose how many times your HEAR can be viewed and how long your link will stay live. You can also set an alert so that you can be notified when your document has been viewed.

When you send your HEAR, a separate authorisation token is also sent to ensure the safety of your information.

Watch our video below for further guidance on how to access and share your HEAR via Gradintel (sharing part starts at 2:00)


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