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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

Course Rep Contribution Award

Effectively improved the lives of the students on their course by attending training, Student-Staff Liaison Committee meetings & School Forums. Gained leadership, communication, decision making & teamwork skills.

Students' Union
HEAR Category:
Additional Recognised Activity

Criteria 1: Be an elected Course Representative;
Criteria 2: Have attended the Students’ Union Course Rep training;
Criteria 3: Have attended at least one SSLC meeting per semester (1 and 2);
Criteria 4: Have attended at least one School Forum, chaired by the School Rep, per semester (1 and 2);
Criteria 5: For those that have not met criteria 3 or 4, a reflective written task is to be submitted

Open to:
Open to all students across QMUL
Year of 1st HEAR Recognition:

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