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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

Forms and Guidance Notes

These forms should be read in conjunction with the QMUL Academic Regulations 2022/23 [PDF 1,549KB] and the PGR Code of Practice 2022-23 [PDF 392KB].


CoD/SAF Approver PDF stamp guideline [PDF 777KB] - PDF stamping guidelines.

SAF - Studentship Appointment Form [XLS 737KB]SAF use this form to appoint a studentship.

CoD - Change studentship details form [XLS 737KB]CoD use this form to record any change of circumstances. 

PGR Bank Details Form [XLS 101KB] – Bank details for paying student stipend payment. Please use this form if the bank details change during the course of the studentship.

Change of status and circumstances

PGR Interruption of Studies Form [XLS 133KB]use this form if you wish to interrupt your studies.

Thesis Completion Timetable [DOC 66KB] - use this form when transferring to writing-up. Transfer to writing-up status must be applied for via the MySIS task. If you have any queries please contact your School's PGR administrator in the first instance.

PGR Extension of Thesis Submission Form [XLS 133KB]use this form if you wish to extend your thesis submission date. 

PGR Change of Programme Form [XLS 108KB] – Change of programme (including calculator of Full Time - Part Time).

PGR Withdrawal Form [DOC 63KB]- use this form if you want to withdraw from the College.


Examiner nomination for MD(Res) and PhD/MPhil is accessed via MySIS (including nomination of additional/alternative examiners).

Updated PGR Exam Guidance Notes April 2023 [DOC 64KB]

If an examination entry was made before August 2021 and an Outcome Form is needed please contact

PGR Presentation of Thesis Notes Apr 23 [PDF 122KB] - please read it carefully, before submitting your thesis.

PGR Thesis Submission Form (RD02) [DOC 39KB] - to be completed and handed in at the time of thesis submission. This needs to be signed by student AND supervisor.

PGR Examination Re-Entry Form (RD04) [DOC 30KB] - for use by the candidate to re-enter their thesis after a referral.

PGR Re-entry Outcome Form (RD05) [DOC 38KB] - for use when re-entering for the examination after a referral.

Please note that during the COVID-19 situation the Research Degrees Office requires online submission only to be sent to


For examiners use only:

Personal Details Form (to be used by HR to process fees for undertaking a research degrees examination).

Please note: QMUL members of staff acting as internal examiners need to supply their QMUL payroll number to

Expense Claim Form [XLS 157KB] (to be used by Finance to process expenses incurred whilst undertaking a research degrees examination - external examiners only).

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