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Request permission to transfer to writing up status

Transfer to writing up status is an academic progression point. In order to transfer to writing up status, a student is required to have completed all experimental work or collection of material related to his/her thesis and, in the judgement of the supervisor, be in a position to submit the thesis within 12 months. Schools and Institutes may stipulate additional requirements for approving transfer to writing up status.

The maximum period for ‘writing up’ is one calendar year for both full-time and part-time students. To transfer to writing up status, you must have completed the minimum registration period (2 years full-time, 4 years part-time) and not exceeded the maximum registration period (4 years full-time, 7 years part-time). Students who enrolled before September 2010 (as MPhil/PhD) and intend to submit for a PhD or MD(Res) will only be permitted to transfer to writing up status if they have upgraded their registration from MPhil.

Students with writing up status are not liable for fees; however, a student must continue to re-enrol during the period of writing up. If you fail to re-enrol at the beginning of each academic year, you will be deregistered. Writing up status counts as part of the overall period of registration.  Writing up status ends on the date of submission of the thesis; however, you must continue to re-enrol with the College until the Research Degrees Office has confirmed the award of your degree.

The application form for transfer to writing up status is available via MySIS in the Research Students Details page in the My Details section. Please select the Supervision and Progression tab. The Transfer to Writing Up task can be accessed by clicking the link in the Transfer to Writing Up section. 

You must attach a thesis plan to your completed writing up form. The thesis plan should include a table of contents, chapter headings and timetable for thesis completion. A transfer to writing up template is provided here [DOC 49KB]

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