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Transfer from MPhil to PhD/MD(Res)

This page is only for students who registered before 1st September 2010, who will have initially registered for an MPhil. Subject to satisfactory progress in their research, they will upgrade to PhD/MD(Res) candidate status. Students who registered after 1st September 2010 do not have to transfer from MPhil to PhD/MD(Res), and should speak to their department about the progression process. 
A student registered before 1st September 2010 for a research studies programme leading to the award of MPhil/PhD may transfer his/her registration to PhD. 

The transfer process normally takes place between 12 to 24 months for a full-time student and 24 to 48 months for a part-time student.  The transfer process is undertaken in accordance with the approved requirements for the research studies programme which include the submission of written work and an oral examination.  The oral examination is organised by the School and conducted by a panel of examiners that comprises at least two members.  The examiners for transfer from MPhil to PhD may include the supervisor and one further examiner, knowledgeable in the field, who is not connected with the student’s research.   Please note that the examiners appointed to examine the transfer cannot examine the candidate’s final thesis.

Where a student is successful and transfers his/her registration, the date of initial registration for the research studies programme continues to apply for the purpose of determining maximum and minimum registration periods. Where a student is unsuccessful and does not transfer, he/she may remain registered as MPhil and be examined for that award or submit for transfer on one further occasion. 

A student registered for a research studies programme leading to the award of MD(Res) may transfer his/her registration to PhD.  The transfer process is the same as that for MPhil to PhD. Students who wish to transfer from MD(Res) to PhD should contact their Institute Director of Graduate Studies in the first instance.
A student may appeal against the decision of the examiners for transfer using the College Appeal Regulations.

Students in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Science and Engineering should complete this form following the assessment for transfer from MPhil to PhD Transfer from MPhil to PhD [PDF 35KB]    |  Transfer from MPhil to PhD [DOC 8,376KB]

Students in the School of Medicine and Dentistry should refer to the SMD Graduate School website for information on the upgrade procedure.

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