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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

Re-entering the examination

How to submit your revised thesis:
If you are re-entering for the examination following a referral, please submit the  Examination re-entry form [DOC 47KB] at least two weeks before the planned resubmission of the thesis. For students who entered for their first examination on or after 1st June 2012, the re-entry fee is £350. Payment is due at the point of re-entry for the second examination. Please inform the Fees Office that it is to be paid to the Research Degrees Office.

The Research Degrees Office will write to the original examiners to inform them that you have re-entered for the examination and confirm that they are able to act. You can then submit two bound copies ('Morgana' binding from the QMUL Copy Shop is acceptable) and one electronic copy of your revised thesis to the Research Degrees Office. You must also provide a submission form, which can be downloaded here (Submission Form [DOC 41KB]). Students may email the electronic copy to the  Research Degrees Officer for their School, or use the QMUL File Exchange Service for files up to 2 GB. You must not contact the examiners or the examination will be invalidated. The Research Degrees Office will dispatch your thesis to the examiners on your behalf.
If you do not wish your thesis to be available in the library and online (and did not apply to restrict access to your thesis on the examination re-entry form) you must also apply to restrict access to library copies of your thesis at this point.
Whether to hold a second oral examination is within the examiners’ discretion. Your supervisor is responsible for arranging the viva and keeping you and the Research Degrees Office informed of the arrangements. If you have any queries about the viva, please speak to your supervisor in the first instance.

Presentation of the thesis:

Please email a pdf of the re-submitted thesis to
If the file is large please use the QMUL Collect service (or a file transfer service)

Please see the presentation notes for further information: Presentation of the Thesis Notes [PDF 93KB]

Acknowledging support:

Students who have received financial support from external funding bodies such as Research Councils should acknowledge the support they have received according to the format stipulated by their funding body. The Research Councils require the following to be included in published research outputs:
This work was supported by the [name of funding body] [grant number xxxx]. 
Multiple grant numbers should be separated by comma and space. Where the research was supported by more than one agency, the different agencies should be separated by a semi-colon, with "and" before the final funder. For example: 
This work was supported by the [name of funding body] [grant numbers xxxx, yyyy]; the [name of funding body] [grant number zzzz]; and the [name of funding body] [grant number aaaa].

Examination outcomes:

After the viva, your examiners will inform the Research Degrees Office of the outcome. They are required to do this within two weeks of the viva. They may inform you of the outcome of the examination at the end of the viva, but are not required to do so.
There are four possible outcomes for a second examination:

  1. Pass;
  2. Pass subject to minor amendments to be completed and checked by one or both examiners within three months;
  3. Pass subject to major amendments to be completed and checked by one or both examiners within nine months or within a period specified by the examiners if less than nine months are required.
  4. Fail outright: no re-entry permitted.

The Research Degrees Office will write to you to formally notify you of the outcome of the examination and advise you of the post-viva procedure. The RDO will send you a copy of the examination outcome form, a copy of the examiners’ report on the examination, and a list of amendments required by the examiners, unless you have passed outright or have already been provided with a list of amendments. You are responsible for submitting the revised thesis to the examiner(s) responsible for checking your amendments by the date stipulated on the examination outcome form. 

Please ensure that you keep your personal details up-to-date in MySIS to ensure that you receive this correspondence.

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