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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

After the viva: award and graduation

Note: please complete re-enrolment. In order to be awarded your degree you will need to be a fully-enrolled student.


If you are successful in the examination, the examiners will write to the Research Degrees Office to confirm that you have passed, subject to your successful completion of any amendments required by the examiners. 
The Research Degrees Office will write to you to formally confirm the result of the examination, give you copies of the examiners’ joint report, and advise you of the procedure for making amendments.


You are responsible for making amendments within the time set by the examiners, and for passing a copy of the corrected thesis to the examiner responsible for checking your corrections. 
Provided your amendments are satisfactory, the examiner will then write to the Research Degrees Office to confirm that you have completed all required amendments within the specified time. This notification needs to be ratified at the subsequent Examination Board meeting.


To request a formal letter confirming your award, please contact

Your degree cannot be awarded until:

  • The examiner responsible for checking your amended thesis has informed the Research Degrees Officer that he or she is satisfied with your amendments.
  • You have submitted one digital copy (PDF) of the corrected and final version of your thesis to QMUL Library. The Library will notify the RDO when you have completed the thesis depositing, so that we can process your award.

    Please follow the guidance document on the link below to upload your final thesis
    ‘Instructions for depositing theses with Queen Mary University of London Library Services’ 

    If you experience difficulty logging in to the Library system, please contact:

  • The Research Degrees Programmes and Examinations Board (RDPEB) has approved your award on behalf of the College’s Senate.
    The RDPEB meets monthly to consider awards. Your award will be considered by the RDPEB only if the examiner confirms your completion of amendments by the papers deadline for that month’s meeting.

Your degree cannot be awarded if you are no longer registered as a student. This means that you must continue to re-enrol at the beginning of each academic year until your examination process is finally complete.

You will receive a letter to confirm your award after the RDPEB has met. Please ensure that you keep your RESULTS ADDRESS details up-to-date in MySIS to ensure that you receive this correspondence. 
Please allow up to three months from receiving notification of your award for receipt of the certificate.


Please allow up to three (3) months for your certificate to be produced and posted to you. 
If you have still not received your certificate after this time please contact

The Research Degrees Office will be unable to assist with diploma production/certificate queries.

If you have lost your certificate and need a replacement or your certificate was never delivered please visit the Replacement degree certificate page

IMPORTANT for addresses in China: Please update the Results address in your MySIS portal to a format that is suitable for Chinese postage. 


Graduation ceremonies are held in July and December. You may apply for tickets to the graduation ceremony at any point; however, you will not be able to attend the ceremony unless your degree has been formally awarded. To attend the Summer ceremony, your degree must have been approved at or before the May RDPEB. To attend the Winter ceremony, your degree must have been approved by or before the October RDPEB. 
If you will require a visa letter from the Events Office in order to attend the ceremony, the Events Office will require additional time to process your application.

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