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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

How to complete re-enrolment

As part of the re-enrolment task on MySIS, you will be asked to review and complete the sections below. Once you have completed a section, you will be able to re-enter it and amend the information you have submitted until you reach the Declaration. The Declaration is the final step of your re-enrolment and once you submit this your re-enrolment will be complete and you will no longer have access to the task. If you are having issues with your re-enrolment or the task, please contact the Student Enquiry Centre for support.

Re-enrolment consists of the following sections:

1. Personal, Financial and Academic Details

  • Review your personal and programme details (Note regarding your Domicile/Country of Permanent Residence: This is dependent upon your permenent home residence at the point you became eligible for enrolment at the start of your programme. This does not need to change throughout your studies, even if you have moved)
  • Review your passport/visa details - you must contact if your passport and/or visa details are incorrect or have expired (this does not apply to British or Irish Citizens or those on Distance Learning programmes). Please continue with your re-enrolment even if these details are incorrect as we will update them as soon as possible.
  • Tell us how you will be paying your tuition fees for the year
  • The Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA) requires us to collect details of our students’ ethnicity and disabilities as a means of monitoring the success of equal opportunities policies at a national level. This information is kept confidential and helps us to provide you with information on facilities and services that may be useful

2. Qualification History

  • Update us on any recent qualifications you have achieved

3. Address Information

  • Review/update your permanent home address
  • Review/update your term-time contact address
  • Review/update your emergency contact details


  1. If you cannot progress through this section, make sure that any telephone numbers entered are in the right format with the correct number of digits and that you have selected the country code from the dropdown.
  2. You can update all contact details for yourself and your emergency contacts throughout the year on MySIS. Read our guidance on updating your address details for information.

4. Processing of your Personal Data

  • You will be asked to read a declaration about the purposes for which we use your personal data and to whom we may disclose it when required. You must read this declaration carefully.

5. Declaration

This is the final step where you are required to:

  • confirm that all information you have submitted as part of re-enrolment is correct
  • accept that you are responsible for paying your tuition fees in accordance with the Tuition Fee Policy
  • agree to comply with QMUL’s Academic Regulations and all other published regulations and policies


Once you have submitted the declaration you will be re-enrolled onto your programme

Your Student Status Letter on Gradintelligence will be updated for the new academic year


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