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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

What does my HEAR look like?

Your HEAR provides verified information about your academic results and non-degree related achievements, such as academic prizes and extracurricular activities and awards.

View an example of what your HEAR might look like: QMUL HEAR Example [PDF 1,145KB]

Your HEAR has eight sections:

Section 1: Contains all of the student's relevant personal information: student name, date of birth, student ID number etc.

Section 2: Confirms the name of the qualification gained and the title it confers, e.g. Bachelor of Arts, English Literature.

Section 3: Clarifies the level of qualification through confirming the official length of study, particularly with regard to its place in the relevant national qualifications framework.

Section 4: Details the modules taken and results achieved along with the overall classification of the final qualification. This allows you to look more closely at what the student studied and learnt.

Section 5: Tells you whether or not the qualification confers professional status on the holder i.e. right to practice and the function of the qualification.

Section 6: Is a key part of the HEAR. This section paints a rich picture of each student's achievements. Additional awards, activities and interests, both academic and non academic, are discussed. Any prizes awarded by the examination boards are included here along with verified extracurricular activities.

Section 7: Is the all-important formal authentication of the HEAR.

Section 8: Contains a web link reference to a description of the national higher education system to which the qualification and institution belongs.


There are three types of HEAR:

Formative: Shows confirmed module marks, usually of the previous academic year. This is uploaded for you whilst you are studying.

Final: Shows confirmed module marks and degree classification. This is uploaded once you have been awarded.

Revoked: A revoked HEAR is not in use, possibly due to an error in the data that we are in the process of correcting or if you owe fees (e.g. outstanding tuition fees, field trip charges etc.)



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