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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

HEAR Extracurricular Achievements FAQs

These FAQs relate specifically to the extracurricular activities that appear in the HEAR under section 6.1. We also have a general HEAR FAQ page available.

I have completed a recognised extracurricular activity but it is not appearing on my HEAR?

If you have completed a verifiable extracurricular achievement and it is not appearing on your HEAR, please firstly check that you have received your latest HEAR and are not checking an older version of your document. The publication dates are available online.

If you have received your latest HEAR and your achievement is not appearing within section 6.1 then please contact the organiser of the activity (a Queen Mary member of staff) to confirm that they have passed your details to us. It is possible that verifications have not been made for the given year or you have not met the criteria in order to receive recognition. 

There is a process for verification and the relevant member of staff should submit your details to the Academic Registry directly. We will not add an activity to your HEAR at your request as the verification is required from the activity organiser or the nominated verifier (both of whom are members of Queen Mary staff).

Please be reminded to check the first year that the activity was eligible to appear on the HEAR. We are unable to backdate an activity and add it to your HEAR before it was approved for inclusion, for example, if the first year the activity appeared on the HEAR is 2018/19 and you completed the activity in 2017/18 then we are not able to add this to your HEAR.

The wrong activity is appearing on my HEAR - what shall I do?

We only add extracurricular achievements to your HEAR if we have received confirmation that you should receive this recognition. Therefore, if there is an error and the activity needs to be swapped for another activity run by the same department, please contact that department to request this. They will then contact Academic Registry to re-confirm the correct activity that should appear on your HEAR. If the activity simply needs to be removed and not replaced with anything else, please contact to request this.

Please note that if there is an inaccuracy in your HEAR we will fix this but we may be unable to re-publish it immediately if we are in a period of transcript embargo.

Why are some extracurricular activities not eligible for HEAR recognition?

Members of staff from Departments, Schools and Institutes can propose activities that they offer that they believe show excellence in education, student engagement, employability or learning environment. Not all activities have been put forward for recognition or are eligible for HEAR recognition - only extracurricular achievements recorded on our webpage for verifiable activities can be recorded in the HEAR.

When will my extracurricular activity be added to my HEAR?

Your HEAR is released at set times during the year, following on from official results release dates. The majority of extracurricular activities will be verified and added to the HEAR ahead of the summer release date (for finalists), however some activities take place over the summer and therefore cannot be verified ahead of this time. Therefore, for any non-finalist students that complete an activity over the summer, your HEAR will be updated and re-released on an ad-hoc basis.

Please note we are unable to publish your HEAR if we are in a period of transcript embargo.

I took a non-credited module that is not on the list of HEAR extracurricular activities - can this be recorded on my HEAR?

If you have taken a non-credited module that is not part of your MySIS module registration and it is not on the list of HEAR extracurricular activities then it will not appear on your transcript or HEAR. If the module is non-credited but forms part of your MySIS module registration/module diet then it will appear within the transcript section of your HEAR (4.3).

I am in a Student Society - can this be recorded on my HEAR?

Unfortunately, we are unable to record memberships or positions in a student society in the HEAR, or record any projects/activities that you may have completed as part of a society. However, there are awards given by the Students’ Union to society members who have gone above and beyond and we will be able to record that award in the HEAR if it is on the list of achievements eligible for recognition.

I have completed some LinkedIn Learning courses - can these be recorded on my HEAR?

Unfortunately, we cannot add any LinkedIn Learning courses to the HEAR. You can, of course, include these on your CV.

What should I do if I do not want an extracurricular activity to appear on my HEAR?

If you meet all of the criteria for a HEAR eligible extracurricular activity but do not want it to appear on your HEAR, please inform the activity organiser (Queen Mary member of staff) before you complete it so that they know not to verify this information for inclusion in the HEAR. Please remember to do this as we will not be able to remove an activity from your HEAR once it has been made final.

I have a question about the HEAR or which extracurricular activities are recorded - who can I speak to?

If your question is related to the content of an extracurricular achievement or if an activity is missing from your HEAR, please contact the organiser or Department / School / Institute that offer it. Please contact if you have a query about the HEAR or how activities are recorded.

I was awarded an academic prize - will this be on my HEAR?

Please note that academic prizes which are awarded by your School/Department's Examination Board are not processed in the same way as your extracurricular achievements. Academic prizes which are processed via the Bursaries, Grants and Scholarships Team will appear on the HEAR under section 6.1. We are unable to record nominations for academic prizes on the HEAR. For confirmation about whether your academic prize will be processed by the Bursaries team, please contact your School/Department.

You can view the list of College Prizes online and your School will be able to advise you on any School Prizes that they offer.

Please be advised that due to the tight turnaround between the Examination Boards and HEAR publication, we may not receive confirmation of your prize before your HEAR is released. We will re-publish your HEAR with your prize as soon as possible, usually within two weeks of your official results release.

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