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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

CCLS Module Auditor Award - List of Modules

The list of modules eligible for the CCLS 'Module Auditor Award' are:

Module Title Module Code
Accounting for Lawyers SOLM234
Admiralty SOLM150
Advanced Medical Negligence SOLM108
Agriculture Trade and Intellectual Property SOLM091
AI, Robotics and the Law SOLM221
Alternative Dispute Resolution: Selected Issues SOLM041
Alternative Dispute Resolution: Theory and Context SOLM040
Animal Law, Media and Culture SOLM026
Animal Law,Welfare and Trade SOLM025
Art and Cultural Values SOLM227
Art and Governance  SOLM226
Art and Intellectual Property SOLM229
Art and Money SOLM230
Art Disputes and their Resolutions SOLM228
Art Transactions SOLM225
Bank Insolvency and Resolution SOLM013 
Banking and FinTech Law SOLM008
Banking Law International SOLM007
Business and Commercial Law Issues for Managers SOLM231
Carriage of Goods SOLM143
Cartels, Collusion and Competition Law SOLM057
Central Problems in Jurisprudence: Between Law and Normativity SOLM188
Charterparties: Law and Practice SOLM142
Chinese Business Law SOLM029
Climate Change Law SOLM136
Cloud Computing Law                                                                    CCLP604
Commercial Conflict of Laws SOLM046
Commercialisation of IP SOLM092
Common Law Reasoning SOLM179
Company Law: Corporate Finance and Management Issues SOLM021
Company Law: Foundational and Constitutional Issues SOLM020
Comparative Competition Law SOLM055
Comparative Contract Law SOLM024
Comparative Criminal Justice SOLM203
Comparative Immigration Law SOLM174
Comparative Law Methodology SOLM186
Competition and Regulation in EU Healthcare Markets SOLM106
Competition and the State: EU State Aid Law SOLM056
Competition Enforcement: From Investigation to Sanctions SOLM059
Competition Law in the Cyberspace SOLM060
Competition Law Overview IPLM131
Competition Law, Intellectual Property and Innovation SOLM094
Compliance in Global Markets  SOLM223
Compliance Systems in Practice  SOLM224
Concepts in Natural Resources Law: Biodiversity, Human Rights and Trade SOLM133
Concepts in Natural Resources Law: Climate, Energy and Water SOLM132
Conduct of Hostilities in International Law SOLM113
Copyright Law - United Kingdom & United States CCLP605
Corporate Finance Law SOLM009
Corporate Governance and Responsibility in Finance SOLM012
Corporate Governance: Foundational and Theoretical SOLM022
Corporate Governance: Operation and Practice SOLM023
Corporate Rescue and Cross-border Insolvency CCLP013
Corporate Rescue and Cross-border Insolvency SOLM017
Crimes of the Powerful: Corporate Crime SOLM197
Crimes of the Powerful: State Crime SOLM198
Criminal Justice and Surveillance Technologies  SOLM204
Critical Jurisprudence SOLM181
Cultural Diversity and Law SOLM170
Current Issues in International Energy Regulation SOLM165
Cybercrime                        CCLP207
Cybercrime: Forensic Investigations SOLM208
Cybercrime: Substantive Offences SOLM207
Cyberspace: Jurisdiction and Dispute Resolution SOLM211
Derivatives in a Legal Context SOLM235
Design and Intellectual Property: EU and United States SOLM081
Designs & Copyright Law (IPReg D&C) IPLC132
Designs & Copyright Law (IPReg D&C) IPLC135
Designs and Copyright Law (IPReg) IPLM146
Digital Intellectual Property SOLM097
E-Commerce Regulation SOLM220
E-commerce Transactions CCLP219
E-Commerce Transactions SOLM219
Economics of Competition Law SOLM058
Elements of Islamic Law SOLM015 
Energy & Climate Change CCLP160
Energy and Climate Change SOLM160
Energy Decommissioning and Waste Management in International Law SOLM169
Energy Economics Legal Perspective SOLM156
Energy Law Principles SOLM155
Enforcement of International Criminal Law SOLM115
English Contract Law CCLP601
Entrepreneurship Law Clinic SOLM213
Ethics and Governance in Business and Finance CCLP011
Ethics in International Arbitration SOLM049
Ethics of Migration and Asylum SOLM173
EU and US Design Law CCLP081
EU Competition Law SOLM050
EU Competition Law and Practice SOLM051
EU Criminal Law  SOLM205
EU Data Protection Law SOLM209
EU Data Protection Law                                                                  CCLP209
EU Energy Law SOLM164
EU Environmental law SOLM135
EU Financial and Monetary Law SOLM002
EU Healthcare Law: Rights, Policies and Instruments SOLM105
EU Human Rights Law SOLM062
EU Migration Law SOLM178
EU Tax Law SOLM127
EU Trade Law SOLM035
European and International Telecommunications Law & Regulation SOLM215
European and US Law of Patents SOLM076
European Convention on Human Rights Law SOLM061
European Copyright Law  CCLP075
European Law of Patents CCLP076
European Law of Trade Marks  CCLP083
Exploitation of Energy Resources in Disputed Areas SOLM159
Foreign Investments and Public Policy SOLM190
Foundations of Intellectual Property Law and Management IPLM702P
Foundations of Intellectual Property Law and Management IPLM702U
Free Movement of Persons in the European Union SOLM176
Fundamental Questions in the Law of Treaties SOLM116
Fundamentals of Law and Professional Ethics (IPReg FL & PE) IPLC134
General Principles of Insurance Law SOLM138
Global Intellectual Property Law SOLM084
Globalisation and the Law  SOLM032
Historical Jurisprudence SOLM183
Human Rights of Women: Feminist Legal Theory SOLM063
Human Rights of Women: Legal Framework and Issues SOLM064
Illegal Speech, Censorship and Digital Rights: Social Media vs “Old” Media  SOLM212
Indirect Taxation SOLM128
Information Security and the Law SOLM210
Information Technology Transactions: Management and Disputes CCLP206
Insurance Contracts  SOLM140
Insurance Law CCLP140
Insurance Regulation SOLM139
Intellectual Property and Fashion: Art and Culture SOLM079
Intellectual Property and Fashion: Business and Law SOLM080
Intellectual Property and the Creative Industries SOLM090
Intellectual Property and the Life Sciences CCLP093
Intellectual Property and the Life Sciences SOLM093
Intellectual Property in the United States IPLM148
Intellectual Property Law in China SOLM095
Interactive Entertainment Law SOLM085
International and Comparative Copyright Law SOLM075
International and Comparative Data Protection Law SOLM222
International and Comparative Law of Unfair Competition CCLP082
International and Comparative Law of Unfair Competition SOLM082
International and Comparative Petroleum Law and Contracts SOLM161
International and Comparative Social Rights SOLM065
International Arbitration and Energy CCLP163
International Arbitration and Energy SOLM163
International Arbitration Law and Practice: Applicable Laws and Procedures SOLM044
International Arbitration Law and Practice: Theory and Context SOLM043
International Arbitration: Applicable Laws and Procedures  CCLP044
International Arbitration: Regulation and Infrastructure  CCLP043
International Banking Regulation  CCLP007
International Commercial Arbitration SOLM037
International Commercial Arbitration (Skills and Advocacy)  CCLP602
International Commercial Law SOLM019
International Commercial Litigation SOLM045
International Competition Law SOLM054
International Construction Contracts and Dispute Resolution CCLP042
International Construction Contracts and Dispute Resolution SOLM042
International Economic Law SOLM194
International Energy Law and Ethics SOLM157
International Energy Transactions CCLP162
International Energy Transactions SOLM162
International Environmental Law SOLM134
International Finance Law SOLM005
International Finance Law Applied SOLM006
International Financial Regulation SOLM004
International Human Rights Law: History, Theory and Politics SOLM069
International Human Rights Law: Law, Practice and Institutions SOLM070
International Investment Law SOLM189
International Law and Indigenous People SOLM072
International Law of Patents and Related Rights CCLP077
International Law of Patents and Related Rights SOLM077
International Law of the Sea SOLM131
International Law on the Rights of the Child SOLM067
International Merger Control: Special Topics SOLM053
International Merger Control: The Jurisdictions SOLM052
International Migration Law SOLM172
International Oil and Gas Law and Contracts in the Energy Transition CCLP161
International Refugee Law SOLM171
International Regulation and Governance of Energy CCLP164
International Regulation of Shipping SOLM146
International Rights of the Child SOLM068
International Tax Law SOLM119
International Tax Law in Practice SOLM120
International Trade and Investment Law of the EU SOLM195
Introduction to Bioethics SOLM101
Introduction to Competition Law CCLP607
Introduction to Law for Science and Engineering IPLM701P
Introduction to Law for Science and Engineering IPLM701U
Introduction to Medical Law SOLM099
Introduction to Patent Law IPLM140
Investment Treaty Arbitration CCLP047
Investment Treaty Arbitration: Agreements and Substantive Protection SOLM048
Investment Treaty Arbitration: Foundations, Jurisdiction and Procedure SOLM047
Islamic Finance and Commercial Law SOLM016
IT Transactions SOLM206
Law and Authority in a Global Context SOLM187
Law and Ethics in Business and Finance SOLM011
Law and Ethics in the Energy Sector CCLP157
Law and Finance in Practice SOLM237
Law and Management in Practice SOLM232
Law and Practice of the Unified Patent Court CCLP098
Law and Practice of the Unified Patent Court SOLM098
Law and Religion SOLM185
Law in Asia SOLM182
Law of Economic Crime: Corruption SOLM200
Law of Economic Crime: Proceeds of Crime SOLM199
Law of Financial Crime: European & International Perspectives CCLP603
Law of Geographical Indications SOLM088
Law of the Sea: Navigational Freedoms and Practice SOLM149
Law's Bodies: Donation, Reproduction and Dying SOLM107
Law's Relations: Autonomy, Consent and Confidentiality SOLM103
Lawyer Negotiations CCLP039
Legal Aspects of Financing Development SOLM191
Legal Aspects of International Finance CCLP606
Legal Aspects of Paperless Trade SOLM148
Licensing Intellectual Property SOLM078
Licensing IP CCLP078
Marine Insurance Law SOLM144
Maritime Arbitration SOLM145
Maritime Conflict of Laws SOLM154
Media Law: Reporting the Legal System SOLM218
Media Law: Reputation Management SOLM216
Media Regulation SOLM217
Mental Health Law: Capacity to Consent and Best Interests SOLM104
Mental Health Law: Compulsory Detention and Treatment SOLM110
Mergers and Acquisitions CCLP010
Mergers and Acquisitions SOLM010
Migration and Asylum Law through Practice SOLM177
Mining & Natural Resources Law CCLP166
Mining and Natural Resources Law SOLM166
Multinational Enterprises: Business and Legal Organisation   SOLM030
Multinational Enterprises: Social Issues SOLM031
Music Industry Contracts SOLM089
Negotiation Theory and Practice SOLM039
New Boundaries in Competition Enforcement CCLP608
New Medical Technologies: Emerging Technologies SOLM109
New Medical Technologies: Medical Research and Product Regulation SOLM102
Nuclear Energy Law SOLM168
Patent Law (IPReg - PATs) IPLC133
Patents - CIPA IPLM009
Policing in Local and Global Contexts SOLM202
Principles of International Criminal Law SOLM114
Principles of Regulation SOLM018
Principles of Taxation SOLM118
Private International & European Air Transport Law SOLM152
Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Clubs SOLM153
Public International & European Air Transport Law SOLM151
Punishment in England 1750-1950 SOLM201
Regulating Health Professions SOLM100
Regulating Health Systems SOLM111
Regulation of Financial Markets SOLM003
Regulation on Media Reporting of the Legal System        CCLP218
Reinsurance  SOLM141
Renewable Energy Law SOLM167
Risk Management in Law SOLM236
Secession and Self-Determination in International Law SOLM074
Securities and Markets Regulation CCLP001
Securities Regulation SOLM001
Social Rights SOLM066
Sociological Jurisprudence SOLM184
Sovereign Debt Restructuring SOLM014 
Special Areas in the Law of Treaties SOLM117
Strategic Decision Making for Lawyers SOLM038
Study Project - Business Stream IPLM137
Study Project - Professional Stream IPLM127
Tax and Technology SOLM130
Tax System Design and Policy in Emerging and Developing Economies SOLM121
Taxation of Individuals  SOLM122
Telecommunications Policy, Law and Regulation SOLM214
Terrorism & Human Rights: Constitutional Perspectives SOLM071
Terrorism, Migration and Human Rights  SOLM175
The Business of Film SOLM087
The Law of Film SOLM086
The Law of Patents I and II IPLM041
The Law of Registered Trade Marks SOLM083
Trade Mark Law (IPReg TMs) IPLC131
Trade Mark Law A (IPReg TMs Part A) IPLC136
Trade Mark Law B (IPReg TMs Part B) IPLC137
Trade Mark Law I and II IPLM044
Trade Secrets SOLM096
Trade Secrets  CCLP096
Trade, Climate Change and Energy: EU and International Perspectives SOLM196
Trademarks - ITMA IPLM008
Transfer Pricing SOLM129
Transnational Law and Governance Applied SOLM028
Transnational Law and Governance in Practice SOLM027
Transnational Problems in Commercial Contracts SOLM036
UK Business Taxation SOLM125
UK Human Rights Law SOLM073
UK Tax Avoidance SOLM126
UK Tax Law SOLM124
United States Energy Law, Regulation and Policy SOLM158
US Federal Law Constitutional Law: Select Issues SOLM033
US Federal Law: Select Advocacy Issues SOLM233
US International Taxation SOLM123
US State Law and Practice SOLM034
Use of Force in International Law SOLM112
Visual Jurisprudence SOLM180
Water Law SOLM137
Wet Shipping Law SOLM147
WTO Law Domestic Regulations and Trade Remedies SOLM193
WTO Law: Fundamental Principles SOLM192


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