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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

Academic Development

This page provides information for staff on the annual deadlines and processes for module and programme development.

Deadlines in 2022/23

Below are the deadlines for key academic development tasks in 2022/23:

Task  Deadline 
Schools / Institutes to submit a list of all new programme titles for which Part 2 Proposal Forms are expected to be submitted by 12th December 2022 2nd November 2022
Schools/Institutes to submit the following documentation:
  • Module Proposal Forms
  • Module Amendment Forms*
  • Module Withdrawal Forms
  • Programme Amendment Forms
  • Updated Programme Specifications (for all programmes)
  • Part 2 Programme Proposal Forms (for UG programmes launching in 2024/25 and PGT programmes launching in 2023/24)
*This does not include module amendments relating only to assessments or Learning Outcomes (see below)
 12th December 2022
Schools/Institutes to return module preselection spreadsheets 16th January 2023
Schools/Institutes to submit Module Amendment Forms relating to changes in assessments and/or Learning Outcomes (if required) 24th July 2023

The above deadlines have been set to allow sufficient time for oversight, updating module and programme records, and for downstream administrative processes to take place. Schools/Institutes can submit documentation before those deadlines, if it is ready.

Schools/Institutes are advised that the Directorate of Governance and Legal Services (DGLS) cannot guarantee that anything submitted after the above deadlines will be processed.

All forms must be fully completed and signed by either the Head of School/Institute and/or the Director of Education (where the Head of School / Institute has delegated their authority). Any unsigned or incomplete forms will be sent back to the School / Institute and DGLS cannot guarantee that they will be processed if the signed version is submitted after the deadline.

All academic developments must be reviewed by the School / Institute Education Committee prior to being submitted to DGLS. The signing of the forms by the Head of School / Institute and/or Director of Education confirms that the form has been approved by the Education Committee. All Programme Specifications should state the date they were approved or amended by the School/Institute Education Committee.

Staff completing forms in Schools / Institutes are asked to note the points below:

  • When submitting forms for the above deadlines, please also supply a table or spreadsheet of files submitted (listing the names and codes of the programmes and/or modules, and the type of form). This aids in processing the forms and ensures that everything is completed.
  • The 12th December 2022 deadline is for the submission of Part 2 Proposal Forms. Schools/Institutes should have already secured Part 1 endorsement from their Faculty prior to this date. This deadline applies to new UG programmes that are due to launch in 2024/25, and new PGT programmes that are due to launch in 2023/24.
  • Part 2 Proposal Forms submitted by 12th December 2022 will be considered at the 18th January and 15th February 2023 meetings of Taught Programmes Board. The deadline for both of these meetings is 12th December 2022. DGLS will determine which proposals will go to which meeting, although if you have a preference for a particular meeting then we will try to consider requests where possible. Please do give as much advanced notice as possible if you want a particular meeting.
  • DGLS would appreciate a list of programmes that are running in 2023/24 without amendment as soon as possible together with the relevant programme specifications.

More detailed guidance on completing paperwork for the annual academic developments cycle can be found here:

Guidance and contacts

The Directorate of Governance and Legal Services (DGLS) supports Schools / Institutes in the development of programmes and modules and coordinates the work of Taught Programmes Board. For advice on taught programme development, including preparing and submitting proposals to TPB, then please contact or:

  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Science: Samantha Webb 
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering, and Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (UG): Tuija Knowles 
  • Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (PG): Alice de Havillan 

Registry Services are also able to support Schools/Institutes with any specific queries relating to new programmes or modules, or amendments and withdrawals within the Academic Model structure of the SIS. Queries of this nature should be addressed to the Academic Model Team via the mySIS helpdesk.

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