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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat


Item Paper 
 1. Welcome and apologies   N/A
 2. Minutes of the meeting held on 01 April 2021   GC2020-15 [PDF 247KB] 
 3. Matters arising   GC2020-16 [PDF 156KB] 

 4. Council and committee membership

  • Update on Council and committee membership
  • Election of the Treasurer
  • Plans for new member training and induction


 GC2020-18 [PDF 165KB]

 GC2020-19 [PDF 151KB] 


 5. Council and committee effectiveness

  • Outcomes of annual effectiveness reviews
  • Changes to Ordinances, terms of reference and role descriptions 
  • Preparations for external review in 2021-22

 GC2020-20 [PDF 222KB]

 GC2020-21 [PDF 232KB]


 6. Review of the processes to re-elect the Chair of Council and re-appoint the President and Principal   Oral report
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