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Academic Registry and Council Secretariat


 Item Paper 
 1. Welcome and apologies   N/A
 2. Minutes of the meeting held on 11 July 2019   GC2019-01i [PDF 231KB] 
 3. Matters arising  GC2019-02 [PDF 244KB]

 4. Council and committee membership

  •  Update on Council member recruitment
  •  Training and induction arrangements
 GC2019-03 [PDF 168KB]

 5. HEPI discussion papers:

  •  Remuneration for university governors
  •  University governance in a new age of regulation 
 GC2019-04 [PDF 173KB]
 6. Update on Council external effectiveness review action plan   GC2019-05 [PDF 171KB]
 7. CUC HE Code of Governance mapping exercise  GC2019-06 [PDF 212KB]
 8. Changes to the Royal Charter  GC2019-07 [PDF 255KB]
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